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Yes, that sounded so cliche, but wait… Listen first

There is a Fulani staple food called fura da nono. Which is basically raw cow’s milk, mixed with ground sorghum and Baobab powder. There are Americanized versions in a few African stores here in the states, which is yogurt and sometimes chia seeds. This food is a daily desert for about 80-90 percent of Fulani people. If you did a search for Fulani woman, you would notice an image of a lady with a big calabash on her head. That item in the calabash is Fura da Nono.


A recent study conducted by oxford university on the effects of Baobab fruit on adults came with many wonderful results, one of which we will share with you here —> ( According to the research, their conclusion is that:- ““This research has positive implications for the use of baobab for reducing hunger, possibly having a positive effect on weight maintenance””


Of all the foods that are prebiotics, Baobab powder has been proven to be the best, and most powerful natural prebiotic in the world. Meaning of all the natural supplements that a pregnant woman can consume, The Baobab fruit is literally the strongest and the best of them —> (


With these 2 facts, we have began a study to prove that being given all the nutrients and nutritional benefits of Baobab and how much it aids in weight loss, we have began conducting studies to prove that being given all these nutrients intravenously as a fetus, and the continued consumption through breast milk, and more after being weaned has direct effects on the genetics of the Fulani people and their reason for being scientifically labelled as (Genetically slim)

We will continue to post updates of our research on here.