You can add it to your tea or coffee


You can add it to soups


You can add it to your smoothies and juice and fruits


You can add it to flour, and bake your favorite bread, cakes or cookies, or sprinkle some on it


You can add it to pancake or waffle mix


It can be added to ANYTHING

The baobab fruit is one of the few fruits on the planet that is NOT affected by heat. Thus, provides a wide range of methods of consumption. Which include :

  • Smoothies

  • Mixed with cold or hot water and, optionally, lemon

  • Stirred into coconut water

  • Mixed into other drinks, cold or hot

  • Sprinkled on oatmeal, cold cereal, pancakes, or waffles

  • Sprinkled on fresh fruit

  • Blended into salad dressings

  • Baked into bread, muffins, brownies, cakes, or cookies

  • Mixed into yogurt, ice cream, or other desserts

  • Blended into sauces or soups

  • Sprinkled on popcorn

  • Sprinkled on pastries

  • Mixed with coffee

  • Mixed with Soups

The baobab fruit has a mild citrussy flavor with a sweet aftertaste. But when mixed with anything, it loses its flavor and becomes a flavor enhancer.