We have all heard of “THE TREE OF LIFE”. We have all seen the movie “The Lion King”. Saw the scene where Rafiki drew a lion cub on a tree, but never thought about the tree. Saw the scene where after Simba was born, Rafiki rubbed a fruit on his forehead before presenting him to the animal kingdom, but never thought about the fruit, or the significance of the scene. Don’t fret. We shall help

BAOPOWDER is a combination of Baobab and Powder. The Baobab fruit, is literally the healthiest, most nutrient dense whole fruit on the planet. It is known as both the KING, and QUEEN of superfruits.

The Baobab fruit is the only fruit in the world to dry naturally on the branch. Which we at Baopowder, harvest in concert with Local farmers in different regions of Africa. Which is then imported, sieved and packaged locally in New York to provide you with a 100% natural and organic powder which is exceptionally nutrient-rich and more bio-available than manufactured supplements. Which grows exclusively on the continent of Africa

Baobab fruit has a delicious sweet and “citrussy” taste, but loses its flavor once added to anything else, and enhances the flavor of whatever its added to. You can add Baopowder to literally ANYTHING. It can be added to water, coffee, tea, smoothies, cereal, pancakes, juice, pastries, and even added to flour to bake. As heat does not diminish its nutritional value